Just a quick update that might help other BB-AI experimenters. I managed to get the TIDL software to identify the cat example iBox: #2 Setting up the BB-AI so I decided to try and identify a moth:

I pulled it into the BB_AI using wget command and placed it in the same place where the cat jpeg file was located. Although TIDL imagenet ran on this file it wasn't able to read it, although the test was finished with a PASSED, which was a bit strange.

I tried renaming my file from Moth1,jpg to Moth1.jpeg but the same happened and it could not be read. I would have been happy if my image was reported back as 56% mouse or similar but a bit disappointed it wasn't even read. I'll delve further into the API documentation and hopefully it will become clearer. I also need a few ALIAS to help my command line navigation improve.