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Animatronic Fun: Snippets

Posted by 14rhb Top Member Nov 22, 2019
Animatronics Enter Your Electronics & Design Project for a chance to win an $200 Shopping cart of product! Back to The Project14 homepage Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll   1.     Introduction I love animatronics but apart from Peter the Pumpkin (part 5 - final thoughts) I haven't actually made anything credible so when Element14 Community Project14 themed along these lines I just could not resist starting, even though I had two other tasks on at ...
I had an email on my phone that UPS was delivering me a parcel. Having not ordered anything I was intrigued to see what it was. Upon picking it up I immediately recognised the parcel as an Element14 one . Upon getting home I eagerly opened it up to find a whole box full of fun as shown below: There's an Arduino MKR breakout board, a Molex antenna sample kit brim-full of antennas for every conceivable use, a T-shirt, stickers (some of which which will adorn my 3D printer), a USB power bank (v ...

iBox: #4 Summary of Project

Posted by 14rhb Top Member Nov 16, 2019
1.     Introduction 2.     Way Ahead 3.     Installing OpenCV and Visual Studio 4.     Code Examples 5.     Face Detection in OpenCV 6.     Shape Detection i.e. Moth 7.     Summary 7.1     What Was Good 7.2     What Went Less Well 8.     Next Steps? 1.  ...