Hey everyone! I just wanted to jump in and give everyone a quick update on myself and my projects. Things have been progressing slowly for me over the last few weeks due to Halloween getting closer and me having to attend nightly events at a local haunted house for Terror Tech. During the last two weeks I also caught the flu and was out of it for a few days. I want to apologize for my two Halloween 15 projects not being complete yet, but I would like to say that they will both be completely finished this week. On top of getting sick and my business taking up some of my time, my girlfriend and I have been moving to a new home. The new house is much larger than the old one, and I now have two dedicated work-spaces. The first is my new home office, a place where I will do some of my work, including 3D Printing content, while the workshop (a 2.5 car garage) is where I will now do the majority of my electronics, wood working, and video work from. I am close to having the office unpacked and ready, but the work shop will still be a few weeks before it is complete. All of this means that I will have more space to create better content in, and with more space I will be able to complete projects faster as I will not have to clear things off when I am done working on them.


So stay tuned for more content from me. Later today I will be releasing a brand new Design Challenge Weekly Summary, as well as a new Design Challenge Project Summary!