It may be a simple question however the decision of whether you use standard off the shelf products or have the components or enclosures modified in some way can seem like a daunting task. Some of the considerations you need to make are will you face high minimum order quantities, or charges for production or perhaps you’ll face extended lead-times meaning you may miss critical deadlines to launch your product into the marketplace.


The trade off is that the more modified your product the better the chance it has of meeting your exact needs and ensuring that your customers know the best way to handle your product, especially where safety critical applications are concerned.

So the desire to modify your design can be very strong and highly beneficial however how easy is it to do?


You may be looking at a simple colour change to printed circuit board terminal block or adding marking to help identify the individual poles. With enclosures you may require holes milling to enable led’s to be seen and require marking so that your products functions can be easily seen and identified when on the din rail.


At Phoenix Contact we understand the desire to have unique customised solutions and therefore we offer low minimum order quantities, without non-recurring engineering charges and produced in realistic lead-times. We also understand how important it is to have online tools to help you design and customise the component or enclosure you wish to use which is why you’ll find a number of online configurators on our website.

Our Combicon PCB terminal block configurator enables you to modify an existing standard Combicon part using an easy to understand interface. The minimum order quantity is low at around 1000 pieces however if the item you want already exists you’ll only need to buy the box quantity it’s packaged in.


The electronics enclosure configurator enables you to choose the style of product you need from our most popular ranges and drag and drop the connection technologies you wish to use within the 3d rotatable model. Special printing or milling requirements can be discussed with one of our technical sales engineers and our minimum order quantities are generally around 250 pieces.


If you need customised components or electronics enclosures we are here to help and will help you achieve the customised solution your new design deserves.