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Nice little project bringing together some technology and whimsey in one dash.

It recognises faces and talks to the person about what is important to them....i.e The weather



The available processing power on the Pi limits it to only a few frames a second and a distinct lag

on the camera but in practice this doesn't matter much and maybe adds a bit of quirkyness to the


Looks like the Phanton Flex4K has been released and the first of what probably be a slew of lush videos


on Vimeo



Simply the best thing you can do with your spare $110K burning that hole in your pocket ...awesome

Potentially a very useful function is the Altium project import feature.

In fact if I can import some Assets done in Altium I can probably reduce my project time in half.

How ever when I come to use it it fails to import these items. As ay one succesfully used this feature?