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Posted by Problemchild Top Member May 29, 2013

The Odroids in general are absolutely awesome and the Odroid U2 is even more so. Only 70mm on side with a Quad core 1.7GHZSamsumg Exynos 4412 Prime, 2GB RAM.

A full sized RJ45 10/100 NIC and 2 USB ports just finish off the micro HDMI and Audio  out, USB OTG etc etc,. The device even comes with a microphone on PCB!



You can no finish the ensemble with a really nice range of cases


Available from this Ebay Store


They even come with an Assembly video :


They come flat packed in a variety of colours (Rather Ikea )


Hacking Tamagotchi

Posted by Problemchild Top Member May 27, 2013

I love it when folk spend incredible time and patience to break in to the smallest inane things.

Yeah just how does widget XYZ work anyway ? Where is that Diagnostic port etc.

Any way Natalie is well up there with her adventures hacking in to all things a Tamagotchi


Take a look at her lates Blog entries here   and here:


And here's her talk at last year's CCC conference


When you think of the applications that you as a linux user would really find useful you generally get the usual few

of Visio/Photoshop/MS Project and a few others you get most of the fuctionality in some linux programs but it isn't the same.

Video editing is another of  those niches that Linux really do very well. Although not another Aftereffects or Premiere I'm really pleased

to see that we now have a truely great simple to use video editor under Linux in the form of Openshot. I think it's great that

you can now be a Linux advocate and "eat your own dogfood" and actually use Linux software to produce professional looking video.






For title rendering it links in with Blender the opensource rendering software

and also Inkscape to give a fairly well rounded application


An example of a simple project

Screenshot from 2013-05-27 00:48:23.png

And here's the Video it produced:vive la Petrol Heads !!!

They are also running a kickstarter to fund further development, thinks are looking up for this software segment

I for one am glad as this area has been in the doldrums for a while now!!...Hurahh!


Manga Robotics

Posted by Problemchild Top Member May 26, 2013

OK it's Japanese and I'm non too sure what on earth they are on about.

(Hopefuly nothing too Fraudian!!! )


I just like it from their odd association with technology. Prepare to get really excited about robotics.



Anyway I really want to know where this is from and what's it about so please if you understand Japanese

send us a  comment.

Are you an organiser for a  Usergroup  be that Linux/Windows or some programming language ?

If so then you could be like us an take benefit from O'Reilly's User Group scheme!


I applied through their online portal here and a few weeks later a swag bag of general "stuff " appeared.


I even got a pencil ....Propper CrackerJack!!!


More importantly you get a discount code for your group to use when ordering (Suitably deep !!) as well as a monthly newsletter detailing new books and promotions.

Simply put you get the chance to get the lattest stuff, a discount and .... sign up here!


Update User group Members can ask the group leader to apply to join as it's all co-ordinated via usergroup leaders!!

I was thinking about this for quite a while. We like to strip parts from old boards both to save money but also to find  those "cool" parts that aren't really accessable in the low volumes the average experimenter can muster. Any way one step away from this is merely to reprogram that hardware and leave it in situ on the board. In practice that board has then become a cheap alternative to a manufacturer's dev board.


In the case of FPGAs  this is obviously easy to do as long as you can get to the programming infrastructure or at least the Flash with the bitstream on it.

I was suitably impressed to find that some one had actually done this and not only that had used the device to do some Bit Coin mining!!

His Article is here and well worth a read


Here's a link to the actual FPGA BitCoin project used to test the device.


Anyway I've seen some scrap boards with some quite large Virtex parts on  them so I will definately be taking another look now!!

Love your scrap bin...John

IBM have been working overtime with their STM machine to move  a sequence of atoms  in a Stop Frame animation.

Here's the result of their works.



Follow the restof the article telling you how the film was mase and science around both

it and the STM(Scanning Tunneling Microscope) here: