Managed to get a ticket to last weeks Cambridge Raspberry Jam which seems to be held semi regular every 3 months!!

This particular Jam is particularly well supported and tickets always sell out fast.

This is not that supprising as you get a large selection of both Vendors, Guest speakers and occasional guest stars form the

RPI Foundation!!


This time it was held a the Cambridge Insitute of Astromomy with loads of space related info and art work decorating the walls

and even a few real scientists still busily running in and out of their offices(Enthusiastic for a Saturday!!)


Other than the exhibitors there was 5 or so talks and a similar number of Lightening talks where vendors could tell us what they were doing

and why of course. Out side the main hall they also had a set of talks held in a more informat class room setting.


Here's a taster of the event in video:


RasPiTV Alex Eames talks about his teaching and Raspberry Pi experiences




Cyntech talk about their cases and other products :




A rather fun talk about  a Raspberry PI robot using a Big Track and Robot arm





Rob' van den Linden of Ciseco  gives an excellent talk on their Radio products and the new RasWIK kit



The talk was so good I spent £97 on a RasWIK kit and several other Items.

I even goaded a friend of mine David to a similar £97 bill


Expect a series of vids based on their kit and pre worked projects in the near future.


Finaly a hi to John Evans and David Walker friends of mine from the Sinclair QL days,

both technologists and professional hecklers !!