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Hi all just been working on a rather nice simple bit of kit that hopefully will help keep our projects together in one piece.

I produce cases etc for several SBCs such as the ODROID familay and the Raspberry Pi as such I have a whole

swathe of toys that I want to play with but all that wiring just makes for madness so i created this base plate for them.


Obviously the whole baseplate thing isn't new but with  with so many boards about I decided to provide all the

mounting holes for many of the major SBCs including:


Raspberry Pi

Beaglebone Black


Freescale Freedom boards eg  FRDM-KL25Z,KL05

Digilant Max32


ODROID X,X2 and now the XU


We have been discusing the use of FPGAs in and around several Blog posts about the forum so have decided to

also include the mounting locations for the excellent Pipistrello Board from Saanlima Electronics so you can

develop with your SBC and FPGA du jour and still have some space for a reasonable breadboard or you can leave

out the FPGA board and have a large Breadboard for those projects that have all the "toppings"



Just a little more work and I shall be releasing the board so keep watching(all ideas are welcome BTW!!)