Currently involved  with the rather fun PiNoir & Santa Catcher Challenge one

of the main Components for the Challenge Kit is the PIFace Control & Display


We wanted to know what's inside and what's connected to what but unfortunately

the 16x2 LCD is soldered to the main PCB. Fortunately I have a good de-solder tool to hand

and a few minutes latter we had this.



First thing you see is the 16 bit SPI port expander from Microchip MCP23S17




From a set of very close photos I'm taking an educated guess the IR Receiver (SV2)  is a Vishay TSOP 34438.

Take a look at the data sheet and the drawing below to get an idea of how it's connected..


I've done a check over with the multimeter and checked the continuity and values where appropriate and I feel they are

more or less right .. please contact us with any comments or corrections ..cheers


Here's the Johnny CAD drawing and yes I know I can't draw !!

PiFace Control and Display.png