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I'm currently waiting for my HackRF to arrive via the Kickstarter so I recently received  a

nice update report showing what folk are doing with the HackRF Jawbreaker which is the

development release of the Hack RF.


Hopefully mine will arrive Feb so more updates then!!!

The Sinclair QL

Since I have made lots of friends in the QL community I'm very happy to say that  the QL is now 30

Based on the 8bit version of the 68K the 68008 and 128K of RAM it opened a whole range of

3rd party hardware/software and still after all this time has a wide following and Vendor support


Enjoy the little trip to the 80;s 



I saw this on the BBC??? it shows  that there's nothing new in re-using even the most banal of tech like

a kid's toy into a technical weapon...Here's more on Gizmodo



The Idea of gun totting penguins comes to mind but this is the real thing a $17K rifle from a

company from Austin Tx called Trackingpoint


View Through the Sight



The aiming system actually makes the pressure required to pull the trigger change depending on the lock

so it's still possible to fire with out the computer but it's much harder so the human is still in charge of

firing but still it raises ethical questions!

The whole article is here at Arstechnica

Is here again 1st and 2nd of Feb in Brussels

As they say 400+Lectures and 5000+ attendees. FOSDEM is huge and has topics from Open source Mapping

to Linux to ARM64 to Big Data to social issues. I'm going  but who else is from the Element 14 community?

Fancy meeting up ...shout out here and reply below. See you there!!