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OK .OK ..had enough FOSDEM 

Didn't go but find the idea appealing or did go but couldn't even get in to some of the talks then

try out the video resources. For years they have videoed an increasing number of the talks

this year even more than ever before:



Youtube Channel Link here:


FOSDEM's own server with years of  videos


This years Vids


And my favourite the SDR track

One nice bit of information I got out of the Fosdem trip was that

Fedora supports 3D printers straight out of the box, in fact  they have since F19 so I totally missed that one!!

The Fedora stand had gone totally 3DPrinter crazy  with at least 3 on the stand here they are




Where to find information on 3D Printer Support

First of a few pictures and vids I managed to take at FOSDEM Benjamin Cabe

Shows us his IOT demo at the Eclipse Stand, check out the Google Glass been

used to control the toy Greenhouse(Link below for build data!).

Sorry for the camera shake etc we were in a crowded hall with folk milling about !





Links :
Acrylic Green house design download link:
Ben's Blog