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After been warned by a customs fee payment I knew this was coming at last  so I've been waiting quite excited for the last few days for my Parallella from Adapteva. This has literally just come through the door so I've not done anything with it as yet but I thought I'd post a few photos of  a real in the wild board.



No instructions or anything so I was a bit miffed until I saw the URL  on the front of the box!


It comes with a heatsink and they recommend a Fan ....looks like hotstuff!



Access to the main guts from underneath and what looks like the microSD Card as well.

after a year of waiting I may be more excited by the Zynq processor than the Parallella but lets see how it goes!

Just a quick one had this nice video sent to me and I thought I would share it.


A Comic etched onto a human hair demonstrating micro machining technology



EHSM the DIY and Open Source conference sounds like quite a place to go !!