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I'm all booked up to go to this year's Wuthering Bytes this year's Festival has stretched over 3 days and has  both a bigger and wider focus than previous  years with 10 + speakers and the same again for the OSHUG OSHcamp Here's their link  Who's coming ? leave a note below ...hope to see you there!!   Oh and here's a few videos I took last year:     ...

Stubby the Hexapod

Posted by Problemchild Top Member Jul 1, 2014
I'm liking this home built Hexapod he's on rev' 3 now so things are getting sweeter lighter and dancier He's made the whole thing from MDF and only uses a scroll saw to cut out the parts from the sheet. The everything is controlled from a single Atmega 1284 which controls the 18 Servos 9g Servos.   Like Stubby want to see more including the design files then visit Stubby's site here ...