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Still with Jim and his Vids around 4 years ago we purchased an old carriage for use as a robot base.

Jim had over a period of a few weeks reverse engineered the control protocol for the attendant pendant which allows for a carer to completely control the chair. That way he was able to robotically control the chair without destroying it in the process the result is PIP.


Watch PIP chase his beloved Apples ......Subscribe if you want to see more

More quickies a friend of mine had started blogging about his Hydroponic Garden.

The hydroponics in them selves are very interesting but at the moment largely electronics free.


We are hoping to sort out automated dosing of nutrients as well as reporting all the metrics in

typical IOT style but in the mean time here are the the Hydro vids for your enjoyment .



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Just a quicky here. For the last couple of weeks I could smell an acrid burning smell in my office on occasion but since I'd had a cold and my sense of smell was stuffed I was putting it down to the high roast coffee. This week and a better nose repeated the exercise but then it went away so again put it down to paranoia.

However the next day started with a nice wisp of smoke so convinced it was the PSU of my desktop I ripped the lump out and stuck it on my desk, took it apart and again no remnant of the smell! I then powered it up to find the smoke was in fact coming from the cable harness "tray" these cases have for cable management  after taking the back off I found this little bugger:




The cheap CPU power extension seems to have had a bad crimp or similar and this is the result ...One charred mess!


Moral to the story, don't know I've use off brand cables before no problem, maybe it's always follow your nose..Where there's smoke there is indeed fire !