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Hacking IP cameras

Posted by Problemchild Top Member Nov 12, 2014

Just had a read of this guys post who has some good advice and basic information on hacking those Linux in a can IP cameras which all seem to have the same design I think?


Any way he gets to the serial port on the PCB and uses a USB-Serial adaptor to gain access through what is more of a side door than a back door(let's call it a tradesman's entrance)



Well done blog post deserves to come over to E14...Any way over to him!

Well unfortunately he didn't get down and dirty on the details of his optical table Jason Sapan gives a good feel on how and what a Hologram is and what you can do with them.

You can go to the site and see more they do visits and even internships which sounds  great for those who have the bug to do such a thing.



Either way a nice 13 min "nerd out" hope you'll enjoy .... John


OSCAR Catchup

Posted by Problemchild Top Member Nov 9, 2014

Just thought I would catch up with you all with the OSCAR Display port Board and Panel.


Still not perfect but a lot better. everything lines up at the front:



Rear now gives access to the board to allow you to get to the Controls



The stand is now separate making it easier to get the cables in also this makes the whole thing more flexible in as far as you can now mount it anywhere and now you can assemble one with out the other getting in the way !



No doubt I'll change it again but I'll live with this for a while whilst getting some good ideas on how to improve it ..


Any and all suggestions are always welcome BTW..Cheers

Jim goes into his Electric Bike collection and how he's pimped them up with some interesting mods and exotic chemistry battery packs!



I can't believe it's been nearly 5 years since we were going on about these devices , nice to see they are still going well