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Sector67: GGHC Entry

Posted by Sector67 May 4, 2011
Completed at 1:53 CST ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     The Weather Window The Maker Movement is about exploring your immediate world, learning on your own how it works and then tinkering with it as you see fit. Sector67 set out to embody as much of this spirit as possible in its creation of the Weather Window. We called it the Weather Window because when looking “through” it, a user will see opportunities and adventure! The primary function of the Weather Window is to have us ...

Sector67: The Progress

Posted by Sector67 Apr 18, 2011
Better late than never, this is our "4/15/11" update post. We've been busy, but images talk.   The basic weather station thus far. Prototype with temperture, humidity, light, and barometer sensors. Tested it out in the fridge.     Data output...not calibrated YET, but signs of life.     Sourced humidity and barometric sensors.     Self-made tippy bucket - parts: flashing tin, two bits of heat shrink tubing, stiff wire.     Tippy bucket ...

Sector 67: The Project

Posted by Sector67 Apr 3, 2011
Here is the basic concept we have put out for feedback.   The idea: Environmental Analyzer; Portable Data Logger and succinct, accompanying lessons to stimulate use of the device. Cheap weather stations already exist, as to portable data loggers (anything associated with education is hella expensive), but no open-source, cheap, modular unit exists for educational purposes that puts all this together. Therefore, we want to create an out of the box weather station/environmental analyzer th ...
"Zero experience necessary, only enthusiasm to learn required." Sector67 is a maker and learning space in Madison, WI, USA. With a dedication to immersive learning and hands-on teaching, Sector67 strives to maximize the newest ideas and technologies within a peer-to-peer, community-focused format. Interaction is highly encouraged, as is the diversity of members, non-members, activites and ideas. Thanks to the support and fiscal sponsorship the of the School Factory, Sector67 has been a b ...

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