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The Weather Window

The Maker Movement is about exploring your immediate world, learning on your own how it works and then tinkering with it as you see fit. Sector67 set out to embody as much of this spirit as possible in its creation of the Weather Window. We called it the Weather Window because when looking “through” it, a user will see opportunities and adventure!

The primary function of the Weather Window is to have users learn to gather and process data sets gathered from an omnipresent source, the weather!

The device is designed to have out-the-box functionality and independence from computers for use as an invitation for users to get busy exploring their world. In line with the Maker attitude, we wanted to empower the user to make the device their own by including “modular opportunities” in 5 concise lesson plans that expand understanding and instigate energy. Core goal of ours were to include opportunities for exploration for all levels of ability.

Big thanks to everyone at Sector67 who contributed, and big thanks to Element14 for sponsoring the event!