After my slightly jovial entry to the DragonBoard competition was accepted, I was sent a board to do my project with. I was also sent a US power supply so had to get an adaptor for it to work (luckily the supply was rated for 240v).



For setup, I was relegated to the bedroom to setup as that was where the only TV with a HDMI connector was located.

I followed quick start and booted into Android, there's some nice animated graphics when it boots. You then have to work how to "swipe" the screen using just a track pad.

2016-05-04 20.41.39.jpg2016-05-04 20.33.03.jpg

This seemed to run ok but there was not much I could do with Android and then issues connecting to the Wifi, mine appeared for long enough for me to enter the key but then was replaced by my neighbour's BT home hub.


So I switched to Linux, which can be installed from the SDCard


To boot from SDCard you flip a switch on the back of the board. The DIP switch is minuscule! I used my smallest screw driver to set it. I also seemed to be getting the wrong images, the key seems to be to get one that says "SDCard install" in the name, if you follow the link in the instructions that will get you to the right download. Even after this I had trouble with my the first card that I'd imaged.


Finally I managed to get it all plugged correctly (my HDMI connector was loose) and the flashing could begin.


That process went smoothly and I took out the SDCard and rebooted in the Linux desktop.


Next challenge connecting to the Wifi and remote access via SSH.