Another week, another set of projects for element14 presents. It's been a long week here in Southern California with the first US presidential debate turning into the worst episode of The Odd Couple, a heat wave baking inland Orange County for the past few days, a live Twitch stream, and some complications with the 2XL 8-Track player, but I'm just chugging along! Stay tuned to this space for further updates!


Project ColorTyme:


Episode 466: Arduino-powered Hexadecimal Color Code Clock


My latest episode of element14 presents debuted this morning, walking through the creation of what might be The World's Most Esoteric Timepiece(TM): an Arduino-powered clock that tells time by displaying various colors. HH:MM:SS time is converted into hexadecimal values from 0-255, then those values are mapped to saturation levels in an RGB color space, and the result is displayed on a TFT LCD screen. It's hard to describe, so I suggest watching the build video (as well as the supplemental content) to get a better handle on it. There's a lot of good information there on building an Arduino clock, interfacing an Arduino with a real-time clock module, and driving various displays. I'll be applying many of these concepts to a Raspberry Pi in a future video, so watch this space for updates!


Project Mego:


Still elbow-deep in the 2XL refurbishment. I think I've narrowed the 8-track problem down to the plastic bracket holding the playback head, which is cracked. I need to fabricate a replacement, but design iteration is proving kinda slow with having to go back-and-forth to the shop every few hours.


Project Porkchop:


Complete. This was quite a bit of personal housekeeping, but it's extremely satisfying to have everything reorganized and ready to build from!