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ST tests

Posted by alisterw Mar 20, 2020
Hi All,   I have been playing with the amazing little STM32 unit for the past two weeks ( on and off I hasten to say). It has sensors for : temperature relative humidity acceleration magnetic fields sound etc. Data is either streamed out via BLE or may be sent to its SD card.   Communication is via a smart phone of the Android or Apple types, and not Microsoft. So far I have discovered that some phones work well and others less so, as their communication is un ...

Vidor's Toccata

Posted by alisterw Jul 17, 2019
  Posted by Al Watt in Programmable Logic on May 25, 2019 1:06:43 PM    Sadly this project is not yet working. I need a bit more time but I will definitely get there!   Please excuse the dreadful joke! Something I have been trying to build for the last N years, where N is >0x30, is to build an electronic organ. Every time I start building something, technology moves on. The first attempt uses a top octave generator IC followed by loads of divider IC, and keying was ...