I love surprises, who doesn't?  Knock on the door and...



cstanton and e14community has sent me a goody box as part of Element14's Member of the Moment.  Totally unexpected and I'm genuinely touched to have been selected on this occasion from amongst all the other worthy members.  More especially as participation is always a pleasure and reading what people are up to is something I do everyday.


The contents of the box are really useful to me as well:



The breadboard is really timely as I was consider buying another one with banana plugs as I don't want to tear down the one I have currently built up.  I'd also considered buying a RPI as I've never played with one before and it is on my long list of things to do.


Anyone want to trade a Lamarr, Lovelace or Faraday


Thanks so much to Christopher for this, it's really appreciated.  Happy days!