In the last couple of weeks I strongly updated my ArduTrx Hamradio transceiver shield for Arduino (which was introduced here: ArduTrx - a 2-meter-band ham radio transceiver with Arduino ).


Open Source


First of all I decided to release it as open source. While the software was open source quite from the beginning and released under GPL v2 on a github repository ( ) I also decided to release the hardware under the CERN OHL v1.2 on my own project website. You can find all the information on ArduTrx - Open Source Hamradio Transceiver for Arduino . This website will be updated as the project proceeds. The schematics and layout were designed using KiCad and you can find all the Kicad project data and files and are free to modify them just like you want. Gerber files and BOMs for simple reproduction are also included.


Professional PCBs


As I set up the new project with KiCad I also ordered some professionally made PCBs. Fully assembled they look like that:

ArduTrx PCB 1.0

You can stack them with an Arduino and a display keypad, add a battery, antenna and a Kenwood-compatible hand mic and you get a nice little transceiver:

ArduTrx complete transceiver

Of course there were some little errors in the version 1.0 PCBs like twisted footprints of connectors. I corrected them and now there is version 1.1 only on my project website.


New features


There are not many new features except that ArduTrx now also supports the DRA818-U (400 - 470 MHz). So now it can also be a 70 cm hamradio transceiver.