During the last months I updated my project ArduTrx which was introduced here: ArduTrx - a 2-meter-band ham radio transceiver with Arduino


New HF modules


The Chinese manufacturer NiceRF (https://www.nicerf.com/ ) produces HF modules which are pin and software compatible to the ones from Dorji. They are called SA818 (https://www.nicerf.com/product_151_104.html ), produce 1W of HF output and there exists a VHF and a UHF version just like the DRA818 modules. Additionally they also have a compatible module called SA868 (https://www.nicerf.com/product_151_295.html ) which produces 2W output.


These modules also offer enhanced software functions. For example you can read out the receiver signal strength (RSSI). I tested both modules and updated the software to make use of the new functions. In the source code you can define which module you use and if it is a SA818 you have more functions in the menu. The software is on github: https://github.com/generationmake/ArduTrx


Better documentation


I also updated the documentation on my project website ArduTrx - Open Source Hamradio Transceiver for Arduino


ArduTrx hardware description

Following this image there is a description of each part of the circuit on my website. I also described the software and how it works on the display and with the menu. Additionally I referred to parts of the source code and how to manipulate them.


Furthermore I added a detailed bill of material with manufacturer and part number for each part and links where you can order the parts. Most parts are available at Farnell / Newark.


Project Website

You can find all documents, schematics, links to software and documentation on my project website:

ArduTrx - Open Source Hamradio Transceiver for Arduino