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Inside the machineTape heads I found this reel to reel for $20 at a garage sale. I played it as is and the Left Channel wasnt working. I have taken it apart twice now. Once to oil the the motor and twice check the 5 tubes. In has 1 5Y3, 2 ECC82/12AU7 and 2 ECL82 OR 6BM8.The first time I checked the schematics pdf and it has a page of troubleshooters. Most my tapes are mono. I have one recording that is stereo. So it is difficult to test. Left Channel worked once...something was loose and unloosed or maybe the tubes need replaced... This piece of machinery is so archaic that no one my age "30" could appreciate it's quality. Its a 39 pound hunk of metal with dusty High Fidelity. I have oiled the springs and about to clean and magnetized the Play/Record head and capstands. The rewind and Fast forward function doesn't work so i have to do it by hand. There is still a lot to be improved. The motor makes a noise like a moped and smells like burning dust every time i use it, the rubber band to move the reel is surprising in good condition, i am about to deoixt the pods. Audiomatic A-900