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I'm making a children's toy with 10-11 analog buttons. Each time you push a button a sound comes out. The files are 16hz stereo OGGs. I'm using an Adafruit Audio FX with 16MB and built-in amplifier. Two 8ohm/1W speakers, 5V power source. The plan is to atach a TFT screen and make the screen display a picture each time a sound is played. If the sound is that of a train, the picture of a train will be displayed; if it's a dog barking, the picture of a dog will be displayed.

This is so kids under 3 years old can learn and play by pushing big buttons that each play up to 10 random sounds. So far I have the breadboard project. Waiting for some Arduino TFTs to arrive from China so I can continue working on it.



/Later edit: Finally got around and almost finished the project. I got this box that I cut 20mm holes in and a barrel connector for power. Got these big green analog buttons and spend the last two days gathering free audio samples from the Internet and converting them to OGG.


I first punched holes into a sticker to mark the places I need cut out:


Then I cut them out using electric tools and superglued the buttons into place:

Took the microcontroller and a prototyping board and made the connections using Dupont wires.

I also installed an analog on/off switch and two smaller volume buttons:

The final result looks like this:

...and works like this (I still have some samples to upload and clean-up):