Just a quick update on the project. The initial mechanical design has been completed by my team members, and once they explain it to me; I can explain it here. As right now their scribbles make no sense to me.


A couple members of the team are beginning to work on reading sensor data via the MBed, and failing miserably. I am starting to notice a pattern in the source code examples our lecture is giving up, they are (for lack of a better work) crap. If you don't know what i am refering to check my previous blog post on the Verilog PWM assignment we had to to for the course here Verilog PWM.


Since the MBEd will just be a passthrough for serial command, I decided that i will do the maintenance mode software; using C#. As once the main bulk of the FPGA Design is completed, I will just need to wait on mechanical design being completed before I can design the state machine to operate the system.


The main idea is to have the main form as an MDI, Multiple Document Interface, as you see some DEvelopment environments. This gives us the opportunity to just design more forms and add functionality as we need it. Just one big problem, it would seam that C# and Serial Ports hate me just now. I have tried using the example code given to me by my lecturer, but it doesn't do what I am looking for. I have looked online and when i try to duplicate, it does nothing.


Let me explain a little;

as I am using a MDI which means that several forms will be either sending serial data out, or receiving it. I am looking to set up a public function in the main form which watches the serial port and then returns the value. This way any other form can call the function to watch the serial port, without having to set it up in every form. yet no matter how i try to do this it either throws a runtime error at me, or just does nothing. I am testing it by having two FTDI chips connected to each other and to my computer(and before anyone asks, my connections are working and have checked them using a serial terminal).


If anyone has any ideas on how i can accomplish this, or know someone that does; please help. I'm running out of hair to pull out.