This summary is a quick tribute to element14 and the forum members who have enabled this forum and this year to be most enriching and enjoyable.

This review is a reminder of just how much e14 activity I was privileged to participate in.

Simple measures

  • I created around 56 technical videos - which is more than 1 per week!
  • I created about 58 blogs - also more than 1 per week!

(and yes - I have a day job, and yes - I play multiple sports every week, and yes - I have a great family, but electronics is so much fun, I actually do more projects than I have time to blog about)

Road Tests

I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in 4 road tests this year - here are the blog statistics:

Cel Robox 3D Printer111221081418
CY8CKIT-044 PsoC 4M Pioneer Kit127730133
LED Road Test+1141857154747
BBC micro:bit200000

Of course these numbers continue to increase every day so this will be inaccurate by the time you read it. The LED Roadt Test+ has not even finished yet and the BBC micro:bit road test has no blogs because the kit has not arrived yet, however I have already designed and printed 2 PCBs in anticipation. Although these stats compare favourably with the top 10 road tests of the year, none were fortunate enough to make the list.

Here are some images linked to the appropriate blogs:


Cel Robox 3D Printer Road Test


CY8CKIT_044 PSoC 4M Pioneer Kit Road Test


BLE LED Arc Reactor from the LED Road Test+

Design Challenges

I was also lucky to be selected to participate in a design challenge - here are the project statistics:

Sudden Impact Wearables2391932692222


Heart Reactor CCA

CrownToolsCCACrown Tools CCA


I usually put together a couple of tutorials during the year - here are a couple from this year:


Code Composer Studio Cloud - Basics


Autodesk 123D Design - Mini Tutorial


I usually program some apps each year - here is one from this year - it creates a zoom window where the mouse pointer is hovering and lists the colour at the mouse pointer location - this began as a discussion/request:


Colour Zoom App to Help Colour-Blind People Determine Colours

Memory Lane

I even had a mini-project to fire up my Rockwell Aim65 which was the driver for many enjoyable projects in the distant past:


Rockwell AIM65 (Advanced Interactive Microcomputer)


I would like to thank element 14 for hosting a great forum and initiating so many interesting and rewarding activities and thank the other members for their crucial participation - I have had a huge amount of fun with it all and learned a lot in the process. Already looking forward to next year!

Thank you everyone!