I thought I would share a little discovery I made while trying to make a better touch stylus for capacitive screens. I like to use a stylus to achieve more precise control and reduce finger smudges on the screen, however most conductive stylus tips are large and they obscure what you are touching.

The following video shows how I made a transparent stylus with excellent performance and it cost nothing - if you happen to deal with electronic components.


  • ultra low cost
  • very good capacitive touch sensitivity
  • good accuracy - better than a finger
  • tansparent nib - the screen is always completely visible
  • no finger smudges on the screen
  • it is plastic - no scratches on the screen
  • easy and virtually free to replace if it ever wears out
  • low friction for precise control
  • does not require any force to be detected, simple contact is enough


Here is a link to the video.


If you want a good capacitive stylus, give this a try...