Every December I try to summarize my participation on element14 over the year. This year I will keep it short and just link a few highlights.

I was fortunate to be successful on 4 road test proposals and participate in 2 design challenges. I also entered a couple of contests.

These projects kept me busy writing proposals, designing electronics and circuit boards, building, testing and blogging - taking a large portion of my "spare" time every week. Although the work resulted in at least 67 blogs and 46 videos, which is multiple publications each week, the underlying work to develop the content was much more significant than the documentation work.









2016 has been another wild ride at element14. Lots of success, lots of failures, lots of lessons learned and lots or work. I would not say I get out more than I put in, as it is a huge investment in time, but the more I put in, the more I get out. Thank you element14 and all the members who make this such an enriching and interesting forum.


2015 highlights

2014 highlights