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Makers - The Missing Link

Posted by dougw Top Member Jan 15, 2017
It is clear from the response to the "bit by the bug" blog that there are a lot of inspiring stories about how people became interested in technology. Active members of the forum can all relate to many of the sentiments and motives expressed. We can all make a long list of reasons why people get involved and like maker/hobby electronics. But why are makers different from non-makers? What is missing are big explanations about why more technical people don't get involved in maker/hobby electroni ...

CES 2017

Posted by dougw Top Member Jan 11, 2017
I finally made it to CES for the first time, which explains why I have not been active on this forum for a week. This is a beast of a trade show. CES showcases about 3,600 exhibitors in about 2.5 million square feet for over 170,000 attendees. Exhibit hours are from 9:00AM to 6:00PM (34 hours over 4 days). This only allows about 34 seconds per exhibitor if you want to see them all. Even if you don’t want to see every exhibit, you still need to walk at least 50 km to walk past each exhibit ...