This is the latest blog in my annual summary series. This year I will try to include a few more statistics for those that are interested in that sort of thing. Those that follow the forum will know from my comments that I greatly enjoy reading and learning from all the great content posted here by staff and members and the discussions provide  a further enjoyable dimension to the activity. The participation stats indicate I participated in over 764 discussions this year - more than 2 per day. It feels like a lot more since I read a lot of blogs without actively participating.

I also like to contribute my bit by generating content. This has resulted in posting over 59 blogs, 12 discussions, 12 polls and 96 videos. These postings have received over 192,000 views, 1456 likes and 1074 comments. The average number of views for each of the blogs is over 2,916.

All this activity has resulted in amassing about 150,000 points this year, boosting me to the Turing level.

Along the way I applied for 4 road tests and was successful in winning all 4 of them.

I also proposed to do 3 design challenges. I was only successful in winning two at the proposal stage, but participated in all of them anyway.

I also participated in 3 Project14 contests, the Hack like Heck contest and the Halloween contest.

My projects often include custom made PCBs - this year I designed 9 printed circuit boards and built at least 12 PCBs for element14 projects.

I like to use the same familiar microcontrollers on my projects and I was able to do this on some projects, but still ended up using 8 different microcontrollers on element14 projects this year.

In total I participated in 15 projects on element14 this year, which is a very heavy load at more than one per month, especially considering that most of them had schedules that exceeded one month.

Here are some images and links to 18 of my 2018 projects:


BBC micro:bit Display Improvement


Cypress PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) - Review


The Spice of Pi

Hack Like Heck


Cyber Chicklet


Destiny Button


Fume Extraction Unit for soldering applications - Review


Stirling Blue

micro:bit Type-N-Text

B&K Precision Battery Analyzer, BA6010 Series - Review


STM32L4R9I-DISCO Discovery Kit - Review


The Magic Toolkit


The Creature from the Crab Nebula

micro:bit µBOSS - Test Instrumentation


Tube Amp on a PCB


LoRa GeLo MKR - Long Range Geo-Locator MKR


Special Project with Cypress PSoC6 BLE kit +  Honeywell Pressure Sensor


Hard Disk Repair


Sixth Sense GraffitiBot


These projects took me many hours and almost all of them required working past 3:00 am to find enough time. The Hack Like Heck project was the toughest marathon - needing 3 or 4 complete all-nighters over a 2 week span - because of conflicting commitments.

Getting through this many projects in my "spare" time is a major challenge, but that is also part of the fun and of course it provides a much greater sense of accomplishment.

I would like to say I'm very grateful to element14 and its staff for creating such a spectacular forum and to the members for making it such an engaging place to hang out. Thanks everyone!


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