Every year I review my projects for the last year, but when I look at the oddball list of projects I did last year, it really begs questions like "What was he thinking?" or "What was he into?" or "What was he up to?"

It started with a magnetic levitation project to bring in the new year.

Next it switched to a LoRa GPS locator project - part of the arduino MKR "Build a Smarter World" contest.

Then it moved on to an R2D2 design and build - part of the "A Question of Scale Project14 contest".

Then I got stuck into designing a GraffitiBot in the Sixth Sense Design Challenge

Next it was wireless power transfer to a Klingmagon sensor station in the Electromagnetism Project14 contest.

Then I road tested a Tenma power supply and built it into a portable label machine.

Next up was a build and measurement of a polymer capacitor charge pump in the Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors Design Challenge.

Then there was the PiCassoTizer - an entry in the PiCasso Design Challenge

And I managed to get involved in the 6 month Azure Sphere Starter Kit experiment trying to make a CO2 Cop.

Then I revisited an older road test of the Amphenol Air Quality Engineering Kit to add better packaging.

Along the way element14's 10th anniversary occurred - this was a tiny side project to mark the occasion.

Then I built a PiCade.

Next I did a review of a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Then along came Halloween (Share the Scare) and I dressed up my animated crab chassis with an animatronic skull and called it Crabby Skullduggery.

Next up was Makevember and I first blogged about Buzbots, Maze Fabrication and Jointed Models.

I also made an automatic headphone-speaker switch for Makevember.

December update:

I am still completing more projects. Here is one in December (Feather Weather) that is a WiFi weather station aimed at the "RF contest".

Here is Santa's drone-powered sleigh.


As you can see I blogged about at least 18 projects with a wide range of subject matter and had a blast doing it I might add .... but it still leaves the original question,

What the heck is he up to?

Well the answer is simply indulging my curiosity, learning interesting stuff, designing creative stuff, building stuff, making things work, blogging about the experience, chatting with interesting people, delving into what they are publishing and generally having loads of fun.

This great forum, its awesome staff and the super members who hang out here make this all possible.

Thanks! ..... and you have to know I mean it.


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