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  "I want to connect my *thing* to the internet" First question:- Why?   For me, Lucy Rogers, it's mainly for fun. I want my toy dinosaur to nod anytime someone tweets #wakedino. But also sometimes for a purpose - I want to be able to turn some lights on in my home from somewhere else. There are as many reasons as there are ideas and people with them.   I went to Lancaster University to study mechatronics - I wanted to play with robots and with "Spitting Image" type puppets ...
Dinosaur skeletons, dinosaurs being made and controlling dinosaurs ...   I, Lucy Rogers, was invited to visit an animatronic dinosaur factory in China - the factory that supplies the dinosaurs for Blackgang Chine Theme Park on the Isle of Wight.   The factory is in the "technology" commercial area of the city, which, from the car seemed very like technology commercial areas in the UK. However, not many factories in the UK have a full size apatosaurus (brontosaurus) style dinosaur loo ...

#BlackgangPi 2

Posted by drlucyrogers Apr 27, 2015
“Come and hack the dinosaurs ..." (What happened after #BlackgangPi 1)  I (@DrLucyRogers) brought together a group of hackers / makers / electronic engineers and computer experts to help Blackgang Chine, a Theme Park on the Isle of Wight take control of their animatronic dinosaurs.   Currently the dinosaurs run a pre-programmed sequence of events – roar, tail wag, neck movement etc. However, the Park would like to change the order and duration of each event.   One o ...

#BlackgangPi 1

Posted by drlucyrogers Apr 27, 2015
“Help! We need to hack the dinosaurs.” For over a generation, Blackgang Chine Theme Park on the Isle of Wight has been famous for its dinosaurs. In the 70’s the children’s TV program Blue Peter filmed the journey of a group of fiberglass prehistoric creatures as they were flown into the Park. This  image has stuck with many as they have grown up. (Image T-Rex being airlifted into Blackgang Chine, 1972 - Credit: Blackgang Chine) This year, new, animatronic d ...