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Giant Test Tubes

Posted by drlucyrogers Sep 25, 2015
"Can you make an interactive variable colour bubble tube - two foot wide and ten foot tall?" I am not very good at saying "no" to challenges like this - especially when it's a client that asks. As with most challenges, my first step is to make a prototype. Here's a video of the prototype in action, plus some explanation of what went into it: .   The rest of this blog shows some of the making involved.   I used 50mm External Diameter, 44mm Internal Diameter 2000mm long clear acry ...
In parts 1 and 2 of this series of blog posts, I shared how I design PCB's using CadSoftusa's Eagle PCB Design Software.   Having the design on screen is one thing, but holding an actual PCB in my hot little hands is quite another.       Although some PCB manufacturer's will take the .brd and .sch files, most prefer the gerber files. (This is a standardised format, in a similar way that pdf's are for documents).   For my previous boards, I have followed a tutorial I ...