As it seems possible to setup the old Raspberry Pi 1B that I have borrowed I set about doing everything necessary.


I inserted the SD card into my newly discovered SD card slot in my laptop and low and behold, it was recognised and mounted. Unfortunately it then said the SD card had to be reformatted. As I had been given permission to wipe this card I did so and that seemed to work OK


Then I had to download an image of the Raspberry Pi operating system, which I think is called Debian. But this is zipped and my existing unzipper didn't work so I had to download 7zip. This took two attempts. I'm not sure what happened to the first version I downloaded, floating around my hard-disk somewhere I suppose. I then managed to unzip the downloaded Raspberry Pi operating system.


The next step in the process was to install an image of the operating sytem on the SD card, which required Etcher. So I had to download Etcher, guessing I wanted the 32 bit version. This worked surprisingly quickly and well and, as it turns out, can use the zipped image of the Raspberry Pi operating system, so I didn't need the 7zip programme after all. Then I just etched it. See below for it nearing the end of the process:



What they do not tell you is that at the end of the etching process the SD card is automatically unmounted and disappears from the Windows screen. I had to remove and then re-insert the SD card in order to be able to add the file called ssh. It is a bit unclear what this file should be. The tutorial said that it should not have a file extension but it is still listed as a text file in the example screendump. So I just copied an existing text file, deleted the contents and renamed it ssh. It still has the .txt file extension but this is not displayed, so I hope this is correct.


I removed the SD card from my laptop, forgetting to unmount it first, so I hope it is OK and inserted it into the Raspberry Pi. I then found a micro USB cable for the power but only have a 1A power plug, but the documentation says this should be OK for the Raspberry Pi 1B, and then plugged it in. Lights came on so that was good. I had forgotten to insert the Ethernet cable so inserted it now (more lights came on), hopefully this will not be a problem. I now have to find the IP address of the Raspberry Pi. I looked up the IP address of the Ethernet connection on my Windows laptop and used that. I'm not sure if that is correct but I don't have access to my router to find it that way.


I now had to download Putty which was pretty painless. I thought I was on the home stretch now, but alas it was not to be. I entered the IP address I had but no matter what I did, it always failed saying connection refused. So I'm giving up for the moment.


Anyone any ideas?