Having completed the mechanical assembly I moved onto the electrical assembly, which is essentially just the connecting of the servo motors inserial format to the controller and then adding power. However, when trying to wire up the servo motors I discovered that I had made a small mistake right at the beginning when assembling the base where I had turned one of the plates the wrong way up. What this meant was that two holes did not align and therefore the small three wire cables used to connect the servo motors together could not be thread through.



I tried various methods of trying to get it to thread but to no avail as the holes was only just wide enough for the connector so there was no way of getting to go through except orthogonally - which was the one way it could not be done. Eventually I decided I would have to disassemble the base and flip the base plate until it was correct and then thread the cable through before re-assembly. This sounds easy but it wasn't. It took me quite a while to get everything threaded, re-aligned and then re-screwed back together. At this point the video shows the controller card just appearing on the base without any prior assembly. As I didn't have many parts left at this point I decided that the small plastic pillars must be used for this. Regretfully the pillars were not properly threaded al the way through and it took me quite a while to get them all fixed together. Still, I eventually had everything back together and connected and then I decided to add power and see what happens.



As you can see from the video, apart from some LEDs flashing, not very much as all which is not surprising as I have not performed any sort of setup and calibration. It looks like I am going to have to download their software to do this. Initially this was in Chinses, which was a bit of a challenge, but them I noticed the symbol for China next to a drop down menu and wondered if it was a menu for changing the language. Fortunately it was so my next step is to down and install the software and then setup the servos.