eI have now re-assembled the robot arm more correctly and connected all the wiring together and it is all working, sort of!


I downloaded the correct software now as I think the software I was looking at in Blog4 was the right one. LewanSoul make all their software downloads available in the same place so you have to look for the right one rather than just download what shows on the robot you are looking at. Anyway, once downloaded and everything plugged in it started to work. I wasn't sure why, I must have done something somewhere, but now it works:



The software provided allows  the user to test each servo motor individually to make sure it is working, as well as allowing a sequence of 'actions' to be inserted into a list and then replayed. Fairly normal for a robot arm. It also seems to provide alternative modes of control such as a handheld controller and even physically moving the robot and storing the arm angles values, although I think I am some way from that at present.



Unfortunately I have assembled the robot arm with the servo motors in the wrong positions. I didn't find anything in the video instruction assembly manuals that gave any indication of the sequencing of the motors. They all have unique id numbers from 1 to 6. The gripper is ID1 but this isn't marked on the motor, so I assumed it was ID 6 and assembled the motors in an incorrect sequence. See video:




All I have to do now is to completely disassemble the robot arm and put it back together with the motors in the correct sequence, which will be more fun. It is of a good enough quality of manufacture to seem to be able to do this without any detriment. Once I have done that I will be able to calibrate all the motors.




PS I'm not sure whether to be worried by this but I seem to have quite a number of different types of screws and bolts left over and it doesn't seem there is anywhere to put them. Still, it seems to work so maybe they are spares!


xArm : Spare Screws