I printed out the remaining part for my half dome head for the DC  Motor Mobile Robot and I decided that I did not really like it. It didn't fit together particularly well and it just didn't look very good. So, I decided to return to my original idea of a complete dome head. This was quite simple to do although it took 2 1/2 hours to print the dome. The new base plate took another hour. However, these two parts now fit nicely together with a good interference fit and I think it looks much better.


In stead of a flat plat on the outside of the dome I put a small plate on the inside to make it easier to fix sensors PCBs to. I also added two small holes which are a bit like eyes and I might put LEDs in these or perhaps some suitable sensor. As the dome is now complete I will have to find a way to connect the cable for the servo motor, maybe drill a hole in the back of the dome. At present I'm not sure where the Arduino controller is going to go.



Now I can start to work on the electronics and the creation of an autonomous mobile robot with four wheel drive.