I have always wanted to obtain one or more of the small Boxer mobile robots that were first manufactured a few years ago, but they were too expensive for me. Recently I saw that the price of new ones had dropped significantly from £70 to £30. I then looked online and found that some second-hand or returned Boxers (with damaged packaging but not damaged robots) were available for £22 so I quickly snapped up two. My intention is to dismantle them to see if I can put my own controller into the chassis, as making such a small chassis is difficult for me. Unfortunately one of the Boxers had a missing micro USB connector so could not be charged. Fortunately the company that makes them (spinmaster.com) were good enough to provide a replacement. So now I have three, although one of them does not work so I think I will disassemble that one first to see how it is made.


I then decided to see what would happen if I turned on both the working Boxers together facing each other to see if they would interact in some way. I'm not entirely sure that they were interacting but it does look like they might be, plus, it was a laugh.






PS Video uploaded this time so somethings been done to fix that problem. Well done whoever it was.