Having recently been happily awarded a $100 (or £81) prize for CatDogFox in Remote Monitoring and Control I splashed the cash on a Knippex wire stripper (after being encouraged by shabaz 's article on wire stripper. I might not use it that much but it is really nice, plus I can strip larger diameter wires as well, which could well be useful. I also purchased a coupe of the Easyradio eRIC wireless transceivers. I have wanted to get some radio transceivers for some time as I have used the Easyradio ER400TRS modules previously and always found them good, but a bit expensive. The eRICs are cheaper and possibly better so I will have a play with them sometime.


eRIC Radio Transciver Modules

The whole unboxing process is shown below. I still have not quite managed the art of unboxing using one hand but hopefully it is not too unfocused.