Recently I purchased and Blogged about a CuteHero walking robot which I had purchased to see if it's legs might be useful modules. ( CuteWalking Robot  ) As it seemed pretty good value (four micro servo motors plus lots of nice plastic leg parts) I decided to purchase another one. Looking at both of them and finding that they both responded simultaneously to the same remote controller module it occurred to me that it might be possible to connect them together to make a four legged robot, with some similarities to the QuadABot I am currently creating (QuadABot #2 : Now With Four Legs (Almost)  ) so I tried them out. First without any coupling:



which indicated that it might move forwards and backwards but probably wouldn't turn. So just to try out I used some BlueTac and a steel ruler to fix them together in tandem.




So they do not seem to want to walk forwards and backwards as I thought they might but they will do a nice little side-step when prompted to turn. They do also have a mind of their own so occasionally  take off by themselves!


This might be something to do with the gait of the legs and it may well be that with a little bit of careful thought it might be possible to come up with some sort of gait that will work with this type of leg. As I think the legs can easily be detached from the Cute Hero body shell then I might consider making a special simpler flat body plate that they fix to and do some experiments with gait. As there are four legs using two servo motors each, which is the same as for the QuadABot I am designing, then it should be possible to use the same controller (when I have designed/created it) but just using a different gait.