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Gifts From E14

Posted by dubbie Mar 20, 2020
I came back from the garden today to find an unexpected bag of goodies from E14 this morning.     I was greatly cheered by this as I was not expecting anything, which is always the best type of gift. Looks like a Nano Sense for Nanaorama, an ESP8266 OLED, a bunch of green LEDs and some stickers. All good things. I will put my thinking cap on and see what I can do with all this goodness.   Dubbie ...

100,000 Steps Completed

Posted by dubbie Mar 19, 2020
Just finished the Walking Challenge that I set for myself of taking 100,000 steps outside in 10 days. I actually managed it in only 9 days. It has been more of a struggle than I imagined, mainly because I think my step counter only counts 'some' of my steps. I've raised some money for Zimbabwe (, enjoyed getting up at 6.30am and going for a walk. I think I will continue to get up early - as long as it is light.   Although the step counter was low cost I was sti ...
At present I am not panicking but recently I was given a refund for a robot I ordered two months ago, because the company no longer had any stock due to the effects of the Corona virus. As the idea of not having robots to study in a serious and scientific way (otherwise known as playing) caused me some concern, I ordered several more from a source that had them in stock - with the added bonus that they were cheaper than the original one.     I now have plenty of robots to put-togeth ...

UnBagging More Gifts

Posted by dubbie Mar 10, 2020
Another parcel from Element14 arrived today.... just as I was about to leave for my 3000 steps of exercise so I waited until I returned to open it, along with a nice cup of tea. Inside the bag was a very nice light grey Influencer of the Tear 2019 T shirt, as well as a small silver power bank, both from Element14. I have been wearing my T-shirt and feeling well-influenced. It is so nice it seems a shame to wear it, maybe I'll put it into a picture frame.     I have now combined this ...

Gifts Unbagging

Posted by dubbie Mar 6, 2020
It was great to receive a parcel this afternoon from Element14, which I think is for being Influencer of the Year 2019, or maybe E14 is just being nice to me. A nice XXL T shirt as well as an Element14 Breadboard module (some assembly required. Just a little problem with the breadboard in that two of the rubber feet had lost their stickiness so I had to resort to using glue - seems to have worked. I might now try and add a small voltmeter and rechargeablel battery to make a self-contained mobile ...