Another parcel from Element14 arrived today.... just as I was about to leave for my 3000 steps of exercise so I waited until I returned to open it, along with a nice cup of tea. Inside the bag was a very nice light grey Influencer of the Tear 2019 T shirt, as well as a small silver power bank, both from Element14. I have been wearing my T-shirt and feeling well-influenced. It is so nice it seems a shame to wear it, maybe I'll put it into a picture frame.


UnBagging Gifts


I have now combined this with the breadboard I received for completing the MEMS quiz to make myself a battery power breadboard system.



There are still some parts to add. It needs a micro USB to 5 pin DIL convertor so that I can connect the power wires to the breadboard and I think it will look good and work well, to have some sort of mini LCD voltmeter although so far I have not been able to find one. I will also have to find out what the continuous current requirement is to keep the power bank alive, so this will need an on/off switch some load (maybe LEDs) to make it all work nicely.


Thanks very much Element14.