Recently I was pleased to be awarded one of the Molex Antenna Sample Kits given out for taking part in the Antenna Essentials and the kit arrive recently. I do enjoy attempting to unbox items such as this while videoing the process, although I do not think this is one of my best attempts.



Now that all then antennas are out of the box they can be shown below.


The Antennas Provided


List of Antennas


I do not think I will be able to explore the possibilities of all of them but I will certainly give some of them a good try. I will start with the ISM one as I have already been using the EasyRadio  eRIC 4 module (AAAC (Almost Awake Alarm Clock) ) with just a bit of soldered on wire as the antenna (they do not work at all without an antenna!). A pity the kit doesn't include two of each antenna but I will try comparing the system using two bits of wire with using one antenna and one bit of wire.