I have used right angle LED indicators on a number of projects in the past and have a small collection of them.

Right Angle LEDs

The problem with such things, even were I to have a larger collection, is I never seem to have the right one when I need it.  In the past I have had to make do with the wrong color, wait on an order, or even just bend LEDs over without a fixture. But now I have a 3D printer that needs warming up so I decided to see if I could print a fixture.  The specifications I set for the trial are:


  • 5mm LED
  • 2.54 mm (0.1") lead spacing
  • Sized to fit together in a row if desired on regular 0.1" perfboard or breadboard


This would seem easy enough but actually it is on the edge of what my little printer can do.  I had to tweak hole size and such for a while to finally get something that works.  Here is what the model looks like:

3D Model

And here is what it looks like after slicing:

Sliced Model

It is simple to assemble...  Insert the LED and bend the leads :-)


And here are several in a breadboard lined up and working:

3D printed right angle LEDs in breadboard

It would be easy to print a 2, 3, or 4 gang horizontal fixture or even stack them.  If needed, the height, LED size, etc. can be modified.  They don't look as nice as the commercial ones of course and are a bit clunkier.  They are quick and easy however and only take about 3 minutes to print.  So next time I only need a couple and don't have a full order ready, no problem.