This has been a busy few weeks but tariq.ahmad has requested we publish something for Makevember so I thought I would oblige :-).  I am working on an animatronics project and while I haven't quite made the progress desired still hope to finish before the deadline. In any event, here is a teaser video demonstrating part of the mechanism:

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Supercon hardware convention in Pasadena California last weekend.  There were a lot of interesting talks which will be posted on youtube.  The official conference badge was a Lattice LFE5U-45F FPGA with 45k LUTs with two 64 Mbit SRAM chips and 128 Mbit flash.  It is in Gameboy form factor with a 480 x 320 color LCD and mono sound.  It came with two RISC-V cores running and a lot more stuff.

Nyan Cat

Somehow I feel this was meant to do more than me displaying Pop-Tart Nyan Cat on it.  Fortunately there was also something a bit more my speed: an Adafruit badge that can run Circuit Python or C/C++ Arduino was also handed out along with other goodies.

Adafruit Badge


Surprise Package received today!  I received a package from Element14 with a Molex Antenna Sample kit, an Arduino Uno, the coveted blue man, and a T-shirt.


That's it for now.  Back to my animatronics project....