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10 Feb 2020 Update:  Schematic and Bill of Materials updated   In a previous post a method for transferring art work to PCBs was described.  I've been holding off sending it in until a circuit could be designed to go on the board.  In this post a completed board is presented and the issues encountered described. Circuit The circuit is yet another LM386 audio amplifier with a few twists.  Some of the usual modifications have been made: Additional decoupling for the ...

PCB Art:  The Scream

Posted by fmilburn Top Member Jan 23, 2020
I decided to give PCB art a try and will be basing my attempt on methods described by Andrew Sowa.  Andrew uses Adobe Illustrator for the art work and KiCad for the PCB design.  I will also use KiCad but will use my trusty pre-subscription version of Photoshop for the artwork.  Inkscape is another possibility.  Andrew's process is described in this video from which my work is derived.  The detail behind many of the steps won't be described in this post - watch the video ...

fmilburn Blog Index

Posted by fmilburn Top Member Jan 20, 2020
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