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Just got the BBB AI, But one should Tame the roaming beast first. Unlike normal BeagleBone_xx I used before, the BBB AI is one beast, roaming and heating instantly, then overheat tohalt. But I like it. I know that is just what I want, as Nvidia GPU has done. I am pretty sure TI is always good at performance balance, that is what TI can do at best. I would prepare to drive the BBB AI into water if neccessary. I find one 80x80 CPU cooling fan now, it works fine. Of course,  25x25mm coo ...

Harvest RF power

Posted by fyaocn Oct 9, 2019
1. There have long history of RF harnest . The small amount of power can drive high impedance load like earphones. But not enough for IC chips. 2. The TI BQ25570 is good for such purpose can harnest small amount of irregular  power source as low as 100mV. 3. Therefore it is good if it can meet such need. 4. In recent calculation, one double pole attena with square wave up to 100MHz can deliver power to direction for one squar frame attena to catch the wave as power source for BQ25570. ...

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