Just got the BBB AI, But one should

Tame the roaming beast first.

Unlike normal BeagleBone_xx I used before, the BBB AI is one beast, roaming and heating instantly, then overheat tohalt.

But I like it. I know that is just what I want, as Nvidia GPU has done.

I am pretty sure TI is always good at performance balance, that is what TI can do at best. I would prepare to drive the BBB AI into water if neccessary.

I find one 80x80 CPU cooling fan now, it works fine. Of course,  25x25mm cooling fan would be better, I would place order.


But another problem comes, Tensorflow is only supported on 64bit OS. Unlike Raspberry Pi 3B+ and later which is 64bit compatible.

I shall find way out.



The 25x25x10 axis Fan arrives.


Looks OK, but I think it is WRONG ANSWER.

Why? Whatever the namerating of airflow or capacity, the center part is covered by the motor.

The test result proves my assumption. The BB-ai can work continuously even in heavy burden, but the temperature is obviously higher than my first ugly configuration. I think one Extention board BB AI cooling Addon board available by mayermakes  would be more practical choice.

The rim of fan blade offers more air flow. In this small 25x25 fan, the performance is poor.

I do not need quite CPU fan, but one noisy strong blow.