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Kids wanted a new spinner toy

Posted by gam3t3ch Apr 19, 2017

I decided I was too cheap to buy them one but I will spend the time to design and make it go figure eh?

With a little help from the CNC Machine and V-Carve Pro I most of the battle is done.  I see tons of these on the internet not sure why I don't see

anything special about them but hey the kids wanted some so why not was a fun project to play with tomorrow I finish up the stain and clear coat just have

to design some bearing caps which I will make on the CNC machine as well. I thin I could have done it a bit different and made the bearing hole .3 mm smaller.

Just to add a bit more pressure but I hope the stain an clear coat will help swell the bearings into place a bit better ill add a bit of glue tho.  Will probably

change the size on my next ones tho.



Managed to get alot accomplished today even got some cnc work done. 20170414_202635.jpg


Going crazy

Posted by gam3t3ch Apr 10, 2017

This shop design is really starting to bug me trying to get all my tools in and being fuctional seem to be the biggest job.


Will post some pics tomorrow maybe someone has a idea.


what a day

Posted by gam3t3ch Apr 7, 2017

Well got most of the shop done today still a lot to go hopefully I will have things setup by tomorrow night so I can start on some of my projects. But gotta say love the feel of a nice fresh shop coming together nicely.

With this Orange pi!  so because I couldn't afford much at the time I ended up buying a orange pi pc and and a orange pi zero.    So far not enjoying them at all compared to the raspberry pi.


Right now trying to put a bit of work into making my Mostly Printed CNC machine into  a lower watt category then running my windows vista computer.  So hopefully soon will get things going well on the Orange pi.

I have not given up but mark my words I will not be getting anymore for future projects.


Some people might enjoy them but I don't the first thing was power issues.


Also using it to figure out if I can't incorporate it into another project I have so far its been ok picking up the usb devices I want to run well minus one usb wifi that works in the pi I am sure if played with it would go but at this point ill just plug in something that works.


I might change my mind down the road on this but right now its been more work then I expected it to be.